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A lot of people want to buy an iPhone but they do not wish to be involved with a contract or buy a new unlocked iPhone from Apple, because of the high price. These are some tips and advices you should follow in order to make a safe and successful purchase of an iPhone online.

iPhone tips for a good online purchase

If you make a research on ebay or craiglist to buy an iPhone, you will see that while the prices will be much cheaper than a brand new iPhone, the price will be nevertheless high.

You should first read very carefully the description of the supplier. If you do not know in details about what an iPhone should have, you should ask and seek advices from a more experienced user.

Try to get as much information you can about the product, like if it is stuck in recovery mode or has issues with its WiFi or bluetooth.

A very crucial question to do (most sellers include this information to their posts) is whether the iPhone you are going to purchase is locked or not. If the iPhone is locked, and you can unlock it, you should ask for a much lower price, but if it is unlocked the price will be a few dollars lower than a new iPhone (depending of the model and condition of course).

More iPhone tips for a safe purchase

You should also ask for photos of the device and if the supplier is legitimate he/she will gladly provide them to you.

All iPhones have a unique IMEI and Serial number and the supplier must provide them to you. With those numbers you can check if your iPhone is blacklisted from a carrier or by Apple. If your iPhone is reported as lost or stolen and it is blacklisted by Apple, then you will not be able to use it for phonecalls and SMS, it will be useless to you!

The final thing you should do is to ASK QUESTIONS to the seller. You should have all your questions answered before the purchase.

Do you have a similar experience to share with us? Have you ever purchase an iPhone from ebay or craiglist?

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