Most popular Cydia Apps of 2013

Almost 20 million devices are jailbroken when Evasi0n application was released and this means that Cydia was on fire in order to be able to serve all those users. But what are the most popular Cydia apps users download? What these applications do and are they free?

Best Apps from Cydia for 2013!

For all the music funs, Grooveshark is a brilliant application which allows you to find ANY song and play it to your iDevice. You can also save them and listen to them offline.

For all the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G users, SiriPort is a very common app for them. It will allow you to use Siri to your device!

Are you fond of the Android Swype keyboard but iOS does not support it? Swype application will enable it for your iDevice!

Something for security purposes, Contact Privacy is an application that prevents “weird” applications from uploading your personal contacts.

Combine Siri with MyAssistant application to make Siri a very powerful real assistant!

Are you aware of Facial Recognition applications? Now you can have one to your iOS device with the RecognizeMe 2.0 application!

One more application for music lovers is the SiriLovesLyrics, which you probably understood what it does. Siri will find the lyrics of the songs you are listening to!

More classical Cydia apps!

3G Unrestrictor removes the limit that most iPhone apps have, to download 10 or 20 Mbytes at most from 3G. It can accomplish that by tricking your iPhone that is connected on WiFi, but you are actually connected through 3G!

SBSettings is probably the most popular Cydia app, and are a restore it is likely the first application everyone downloads. It allows you to manage everything it the most quickest way!

WinterBoard and DreamBoard are also very common Cydia apps, because you can customize your device however you want, no restrictions!

What is your favorite Cydia application for 2013? Please share your thoughts and comments with us!

Best Cydia Apps

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