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Nowadays  it is very common to find people who jail-broke their iDevice. There are many people who plan to jailbreak their device,probably every other person at the Apple store has a slight thought about jail-breaking his or her iDevice.

It doesn’t matter what type of iDevice you own or plan to jailbreak. whether its an iPhone,iPad,iPod or even the Apple TV, you can easily jailbreak the device.All you need to know is the right tool for your iDevice and operating system.

Tools to jailbreak your device

List of various tools that can be used to jailbreak your iDevice ( iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV) :

1)  RedSn0w
2) BlackRa1n
3) LimeRa1n
4) GreenPois0n
5) PwnageTool(Mac OS X)
6) Sn0wBreeze

8) Seas0nPass

You can easily select any of the tools listed above.All you need to do is select the appropriate one for you iDevice. All these tools are easily accessible and available all over  the internet. Additonally, these tools are free of cost too! So what are you waiting for? just select the tool you prefer and start the process!

Apart from selecting the appropriate tool for you iDevice, you will also need to know about tethered versus untethered jailbreak.

What is the difference between a tethered and an  untethered jailbreak?

It is very simple to understand the difference between a tethered and untethered jailbreak.
Basically in a tethered jailbreak,you  cannot turn on your iDevice without actually connecting it to a computer.
whereas  a Untethered jailbreak is when the device can be turned on and off completely independent of a desktop machine.

This is the only main difference between a tethered and untethered jailbreak.

Once you make the decision about what kind of jailbreak to chose (tethered or untethered) and what tool you are willing to use from the list above, you will be only a few steps away from jail-breaking your iDevice.

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