Most recent iPhone 6 Trailer!

New design, new features and much more. Do you know how iPhone 6 will look like? Take a look in the following video and see for yourself!

This is of course still a rumor, no official announcements were made by Apple!

What are the Specs of iPhone 6?

The rumors are saying that iPhone 6 will “steal” some design from iPhone 5C and iPod Nano. Of course, they will not use a plastic body, but it will most likely have the same material as iPhone 5s has.

iPhone 6 will be around 7mm thick and its screen will be larger than iPhone 5s. Some say 4,8 inches and some even say that Apple will release a second model of iPhone 6 with a 5,5 inch screen!

I am not sure if this will be good, because is the screen get too large, it may become very difficult to operate it with only 1 hand!

When iPhone 6 will be released?

As Apple always do, its new releases are between July and September of each year, which means that we are only a few months away from the iPhone 6 release.

Probably, when they will announce its released, they will allow a small period or Pre-Ordering (most likely only for USA), and then you will it will start being available to many countries.

iPhone 6 will launch with the 8 iOS version, and you can find many iOS 8 Rumors out there!


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