Remove iPhone Case with those easy steps!

Before proceeding with those steps to remove your iPhone’s case, please be extremely careful because if you do something wrong you might damage your device.

Why to remove an iPhone Case?

There are several reasons to remove your iPhone’s case, might be for general maintenance or for a repair (if you know what you are doing!).

Tools you will be needing:

  • #000 Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Exact Knife or thin metal shim
  • Towel

As you can see no special tools are required for this job, and the whole procedure can be done in only a few minutes. Follow those steps with extreme caution and if you find any difficulties please get an advice from an expert. All those tools can be found in a local hardware store, or you can probably found them in your tool-kit!

Tutorial of how to open iPhone Case

  • How to remove the plastic piece

The black plastic piece is on the back of your iPhone so you should place a towel over the metal parts becuase you might scratch it. Insert the thin metal shim (or the knife) under the plastic piece gently and move it upwards until the plastic piece comes loose. Remove it with your hand, but do not use brute force. Be gentle!

  • How to remove the screws

This is were the #0000 Phillips Head screwdriver comes in. At the bottom center and to the far left there are two small screws which hold all the metal backing in place. These screws are very small and you might find it difficult to locate them! Use only the appropriate screwdriver, because if you try to unscrew them with a different one you might damage them, and then it will be impossible (or very difficult) to open the iPhone Case.

  • How to loosen the case

This is the tricky part of the tutorial. You must be very careful not to damage or scratch anything. Insert the knife between the rest of the metal case and the chrome edging with extreme caution. Give a little push VERY GENTLY on the case and you should hear the clips come loose. Do this procedure on all sides but always keep in mind that if you are not careful you might scratch, damage or snap your iPhone’s chips!

  • Final Part – Remove the case

Now that the screws are removed and the case is loose you can lift the case (forward and away) from your iPhone with your hand, but keep doing it gently. There is a chance that you may have to disconnect the one ribbon cable to lift the case away, so do slow and gentle moves while removing it.

Have you tried our Tutorial? Or have you opened your iPhone’s care in a different way? Please share your thoughts!

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