Few hours ago, Apple released their latest operating system, the iOS 7.1.1 version. If you are already using the iOS 7.1 version, then it is safe to upgrade your iDevice, since there is not a method yet to jailbreak it


It is a very common practice to Jailbreak your device. It doesn’t matter if you have a iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Apple TV, you can jailbreak them all! Read more!


Have you ever heard of unlocking an iPhone? Ever been wondering what exactly do people mean by’ unlock your iPhone’ or saying that they have unlocked their iPhone?


Evasi0n can be used in all iDevices that supports iOS 6.x.x and 7.0.x versions. As time passes its developers will keep updating it iOS 7.1 might get supported too!


The man behind the idea of iPhone is very well known to everyone, and he is Steve Jobs. This is the time when Steve Jobs created the Apple company and made researches and investigations of touchscreens and tablet computers.