Did you create an iOS application?

If you are an iOS app developer, then it is crucial to know how to proceed with the marketing of your iOS application.

First of all, your iOS application should have a clear use case else it will not attract a lot of people. There are a lot of applications with blur uses, so you will base the attraction of people only to luck.

Communicate the value of your iOS application

Many developers have created many iOS applications that do not have any bugs, are very useful and helpful on what they do, but not many sales were made. A very important thing to do is to create a very small video (30 to 45 seconds) that will attract and show to people what your iOS application can do. In order to understand if your video can communicate your iOS application, try to say it verbally (or send the video you created) to all of your friends and family. If they understand what the iOS application does, then you just created a very good video.

Apart from the the video you NEED to create, you must also pick an effective app icon to grab people’s attention. You must clearly state to your iOS application the app name, your company name, the app ratings, the price and your apps icon. Go to the section with the competing apps and see how your application looks like, does it get lost or its icon makes it look different from the other?

Keywords for your iOS application

You must pick carefully the keywords for your application, but here are some tips:

  • No need to use your iOS application name as a keyword.
  • Separate the keywords only with a “,” do not add an extra space after it.
  • Get help from Google Keywords to make a good research.
  • You cannot change the keywords afterwards, only if you release an update.
  • Make research to AppStore and see how your application ranks for the keywords you used

Before the release try to advertise your iOS application to blogs, websites and Social Media. You can also create a blog to promote your iOS applications.

Are you an iOS application developer? Share your thoughts and strategies!

Marketing your application

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