Find the best Music Apps in AppStore

If you want an application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, AppStore is the place you should first look at, and hundreds of Music Apps can be found there as well. But that are the best Music Apps in there?

In the section of Music Apps you can find hundreds of application, such as online radios, simulators of music instruments, song identifiers, how to play instruments tutorials and many more.

e-Radio Music Apps in AppStore

The most popular applications for e-radio services are the and Pandora Music Apps. In both applications you can “dictate” the kind of music you want to hear and share it with your friends. In addition you will be informed about new bands and new songs of the same genre, because the magic is music is to discover new bands!

Tuner Internet radio is a more simple application, but it can give you access to over 1000 stations around the world. You will be able to bookmark your favorite station and use filters to find out the best stations for you according to your taste.

Music Apps for instrument simulators

Ocarina is a brilliant idea for an flute simulator! The screen simulates the holes of the flute and you can blow into the mic to produce the sound.

One more simulator is the PocketGuitar, which as you can understand from its title, it simulates a Guitar. You can choose an electric, classical, basses and many more.

If you are interested in learning to play the guitar, then Chordmaster will be of extreme use for you. Learn to play more than 7,800 chords and master the art of guitar playing!

These are some of the coolest Music Apps you will find in AppStore. Have you ever use any of those or are you using other Music Apps? Please share your thoughts!

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