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All of you must  have heard about the jail-breaking tools that are used to jailbreak the iDevices such as the iPhone,iPad,iPod or the Apple TV. RedsnOw is just another similar  tool used to jailbreak these devices by Apple.

What is Redsnow?

A  jailbreak tool developed by the Dev-Team. RedsnOw was originally known as ‘QuickPWN’ and renamed to redsnOw in a very short period of time.


Is RedsnOw a good and reliable tool?
Yes! RedsnOw is a really good jailbreak tool, in fact one of the most reliable one and well known in the jailbreak community.
Moreover, one of the greatest advantages of RedsnOw include the fact that it works on both Windows and MAC.

Whereas there are many other tools like the PwnageTool ,that work only on a MAC.

Is RedsnOw jailbreak tool free?

Yes!absolutely! you can easily find a download link from its official website or over the internet too,and do not worry,it wont cost you a penny! This tool is available on many websites,the download is just a click away and easy to follow.

Which version of RedsnOw should I use?

The latest version of RedSn0w is 0.9.15b3
The latest untethered jailbreak using RedSn0w is iOS 5.1.1
The latest tethered jailbreak using RedSn0w is iOS 6.0.1
The latest beta jailbreak using RedSn0w is iOS 6.1 beta 4

You can pick the version you like, according to your iDevice. Moreover,you can keep yourself easily updated through the official website of RedsnOw. For a more clear information about what version of RedsnOw you should use,kindly refer to the post’ Selecting the right version of RedsnOw for your iDevice

Is it safe to jailbreak my iDevice with RedsnOw?

Yes it is absolutely safe to use RedsnOw as the jailbreak tool for your device. Many Apple product consumers have been using this tool and assure the reliability of this tool.


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