Battery life issues for iPod Touch

iPod Touch supports many things, such as music, videos, movies, internet access, playing games and many more. Because it supports such many things, people tend to use it daily for many hours, so you should follow some tips to extent the battery life a little more!

iPod Touch – Tips for battery life extension

The first thing you should definitely do is to turn on Auto-Brightness, because iPod Touch has a built in light sensor that will definitely extent your battery life. You can enable it to Settings, Brightness & Wallpaper and Slide Auto Brightness.

If you do not want to activate the Auto-Brightness feature, you can reduce your Screen’s Brightness manually. You can do this from the Brightness slider, and needless to say that as higher the brightness is more battery life is needed.

Try to avoid the use of WiFi, because as you can imagine WiFi requires power, thus battery life decreases. You can turn WiFi on when you will actually use it, otherwise keep it off.

iPod Touch offers Location Services, but it does not have a built in GPS chip. So the only way to provide Location services is through WiFi. Deactivate Location services to your iPod Touch, so whenever you are using WiFi, no extra battery will be needed.

Data Push is an iPod Touch feature that will download e-mails or data for specific accounts (your account). This feature requires WiFi as well, but when you are connected to the internet, this process requires more battery! You can deactivate it from: Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Fetch New Data. You can also do the same thing for the e-mail fetching feature, and choose the option you want.

More tips for your iPod Touch

Auto-lock is a great feature that you should take advantage of. Try setting it to 1-2 minutes to save as must battery as you can.

The build in equalizer of iPod Touch is using extra power to function, so if you do not want to hear to the maximum quality you can deactivate it (Settings,Music,EQ).

Try to use your iPod touch more efficiently, do not try to use applications that require to be on for a long period of time. This is a very hard thing to do, because iPod Touch was developed in order to show you movies or listening to music, but limiting those actions will increase the battery life.

The last resort, if all the previous tips did not help you, is to buy an extended life battery. If you want to fully use everything iPod Touch has to offer, then the extented life battery is the solution for you.

Do you have any other tips for your iPod Touch? Please share them with us!

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