How to get the most of Pandora application

Pandora is a brilliant application that provides you free radio that plays personalized music only for you. Just start with your favorite band name and Pandora will make sure to keep feeding you similar music. The great thing about Pandora is that it also proposes you new bands and artists and you can upvote or downvote them.

How people mainly use Pandora application

There are three ways you can use Pandora application and it depends on your personal taste which you are going to use.

  • You can build a playlist of your favorite songs and Pandora can occasionally discover new songs.
  • You can set it up to constantly discover new music.
  • And build a steady playlist to listen to.

The trick to get the best of this application is to modify it. Pandora takes into consideration many things in order to classify all the bands and songs. Some of those are tempo, rhythm, vocal style which can all be distinguisted from their frequencies.

Tips to get the 100% from Pandora

Pandora gives you the option to Downvote artists, bands and songs. There is no point to downvote a song, unless it is repelling you. If you downvote a song, artist or band twice, you will probably never hear it again. You cannot dismiss a whole band for just one song!

If you do not like a song or an artist all you have to do is to Skip it. This way you will get a chance to hear a different song from them and skip to the next band.

The same thing applies to upvoting, because if you keep upvoting all the song you like, then Pandora will constantly feed you with the same songs.

Be careful with your first choice. By starting with a song will make Pandora to feed you with new bands with similar style, but if you choose a band the range will be more tight.

Although mobile version of Pandora does not have it, the Add Variety option is a great feature. If your playlist became a little predictable this feature will greatly help it!

Are you using Pandora application? Do you have anything to share with us?

Pandora application

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