What Siri can do for you?

Siri is a digital virtual assistant that Apple has installed from iPhone 4S after. Siri is a very helpful application but you need to know what it can provide for you in order to take fully advantage of it.

Tricks you can do with Siri

Did you know that Siri can type for you? Let Siri hear what you have to say and she will type it. She can send text messages for you without having to move any other finger than your thumb!

What will happen when Siri does not understand what you are saying? Siri is not that “stupid” as you may think. She will understand if she made a mistake or not and propose you alternatives. Then you can tap on her proposals or you can type your version.

Unfortunatelly Siri cannot put punctuations when she types whatever you dictate. She supports commands that will instruct her to place punctuations, but it works on Mail only at the moment.

More tricks for Siri

Do you want to categorize your friends and contacts? You can instruct her to mark your contacts with a desired category. For example you can tell “George Smith is my partner” and she will respond to you “OK, do you want me to remember that George Smith is your partner?”. You can choose then Yes or No.

Siri can also find where your friends are through the Maps application. Just ask her “Where is John?” and she will provide you a spot on the Map.

Let Siri be your Virtual Assistant, ask her to inform you about your schedule for a period of time and she will inform you what, when and where you should be!

If something stopped you from finishing an e-mail you can pick it up with the “Add” command.

Post on Twitter or Facebook with Siri’s help with a simple order “Send a message to Facebook/Twitter to say …”.

Do you have any other tricks to provide us for Siri? Please share them with us!

Tricks and Tips for Siri

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