We have provided you a complete tutorial on how to jailbreak the latest 8.1.2 iOS version with the help of TaiG tool, but do you know how to Unlock iPhone 5s? Things are not how they used to be, more unlocking methods introduced, but not all of them are able to Unlock iPhone 5s.

Unlock iPhone 5s – All available methods

There are three methods to unlock an iPhone (Not all of them can Unlock iPhone 5s):

  • Software Method (Cannot Unlock iPhone 5s)
  • Hardware Method (It is unclear if it can Unlock iPhone 5s)
  • Official IMEI Method (It can Unlock iPhone 5s)

In the next paragraph I will explain you how those methods work and which of them can Unlock iPhone 5s! You can learn more details about iPhone Unlocking and decide which method best suits you.

Software and Hardware methods cannot Unlock iPhone 5s

Unlock iPhone 5sSoftware Method:

This method is a software hack, which exploits bugs that can be found in the iOS versions. It requires a jailbroken iPhone, because the unlocking tool can only be found in Cydia (Ultrasn0w application). The bad news are that Ultrasn0w only supports up to 6.1.6 iOS version and up to iPhone 4. For the moment Ultrasn0w tool is not able to Unlock iPhone 5s, and the group that created it is idle for almost two years.

Hardware Method:

This is a specially designed SIM-Card that must be placed inside your SIM-Tray with the SIM-Card you want to use. This might cause some issues to your SIM-Tray, and most of the times both of those cards will stuck into your SIM-Tray. People reported that Apple Stores are voiding the warranty of your iPhone if you send it to them like that. The hardware method has an 70%-80% failure rate (from user feedback) and it costs from $40 to $80.

How to Unlock iPhone 5sOfficial IMEI Method can Unlock iPhone 5s

The Official IMEI Method is approved by Apple and all Mobile Networks. It does not have any restrictions, so it can support all iPhone models and all iOS/Baseband versions.

This method is tracking down your iPhone’s IMEI number in Apple’s and Mobile Networks databases and marks it as unlocked. This allows you to have permanently unlocked iPhone and upgrade it to ANY future iOS version without locking it again.

There are many IMEI Unlock providers that can Unlock iPhone 5s, but you need to make a very good research before making the final order!

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